Floor Plan

The main Area of the Bankuet Place is divided by columns into two semi-separate areas.
The area on the left is the main banquet hall; its dimensions are 45 ft. x 26.4 ft. The area to the right of the columns, with the burgundy carpet, is our buffet area; it is 38 ft. x 9.4 ft.


Check out our virtual tour!
Just use your mouse to navigate: Click the floor to “walk” the space, or hold down the mouse and scroll up and down and around to get a 360° view. Don’t miss the gorgeous crystal chandaliers and sconces (on dimmers), the coffered ceilings, and the ornate plaster details over the doorways! Head into the kitchen to check out our 6 burner gas stove and plenty of prep space, and then walk down the back hallway to peek into the spacious women’s bathroom.

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